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  1. Busted Chump 1:26
  2. Electrofreak 1:27
  3. Cloudless Days 1:46
  4. Cryptic Psyche 0:57
Burke Disc coming soon
Burke Disc coming soon

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Benjamin Burke’s Biography

Unraveling the Artist

Step into the captivating world of Benjamin Burke, a gifted singer and artist whose roots trace back to the musical city of Guadalajara, Mexico. With a lineage steeped in melody and an unmatched passion for storytelling through song, Benjamin’s journey from a childhood filled with music to a seasoned performer is nothing short of extraordinary. Witness the magic of Benjamin Burke: a master of melodies and emotions. Explore his soul-stirring biography and stay tuned for the release of his debut album.

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A Journey Through Life’s Emotions in Poetry

Echoes of the Mind


Día eterno

Un día, lluvioso, frío y con un toque de tristeza en el aire, estoy...

No te vayas

Alegría mía no te partes ven acompáñame te necesito mi mente te engaña, quiere...

El poema del solo

Solo con mi dolor solo siempre solo no hay en el mundo alguien para...

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